About Stacie Midori

Stacie formed a love of jewelry at an early age, inspired by her maternal grandmother, who which the designer, and her line, is named after.  

For me, nothing is more exciting than starting off with a lump of metal, imagining a design, and creating a piece.

She made her first piece of jewelry at the age of six, but she never dreamt that one day she would be the designer and the lead goldsmith of her own line.   

Once Stacie began to design and create she knew she wanted to learn from the best, so she sought out Italian master-trained jeweler Ralph Goldstein.  In 2004, Stacie completed the Intensive Jewelry Program at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco.  She also cultivated her artistic design and metalsmithing skills at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Influenced by her Japanese American heritage, Stacie has a love of architecture and finds a lot of her inspiration in the shapes and colors found in nature.  Each collection is created with quality to provide the wearer with everyday glamour through unique designs and a high standard of quality.  

Stacie Midori has a following of women that enjoy the wearable luxury her line provides making everyday special.  She lives and designs in the Pacific Palisades, California.